Black Inclusive Wall Street

For 2022-23, Chicagoland DPOCC will launch the Black Inclusive Wall Street project, where we will create and promote a multimedia campaign to promote businesses, projects, and artistic creations of Black disabled/Deaf/neurodivergent/autistic entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, social media influencers, and independent contractors.

This project is made possible by the 2021 Chicago Black Disabled Entreprenuers’ Summit members (Cherlnell Lane, Safiya Eshe Gyasi, Jaime Cornejo, Brittany King, and Searra Vinnett). Those five attendees discussed barriers that Black disabled people face in starting and keeping their businesses going, as well finding ways to encourage Black communities to invest in Black disabled businesspeople, provide Black disabled folx with resources that can help them grow their businesses, and promote Black disabled entrepreneurs in their social networks. At the end of the summit, they came up a multimedia campaign where people can use social media, video, and the Internet to uplift businesses by Black disabled entrepreneurs in local areas and beyond.

Our project will consist of five things:

  • Creating a virtual, living database of Black disabled entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, social media influencers, and independent contractors; people can search for Black business and disabled businesspeople to follow and support
  • Creating a plain-language resource guide for Black disabled people who are interested and looking to start their own businesses, artistic projects, or freelance/independent opportunities. The resource will include tax information, organizations that help entrepreneurs with disabilities, connections to leadership and mentorship networks for people with disabilities, and more
  • Giving Black disabled entrepreneurs the platform to talk about their business and process of building their business through a podcast series
  • Hosting a panel of Black disabled entrepreneurs where they can discuss entrepreneurship opportunities to Black disabled high school seniors and adults
  • Starting a social media campaign where we share infographics on Blackness, disability, and entrepreneurship, as well as highlighting Black disabled entrepreneurs

More to come soon; stay tuned! We will add the page to the resource guide, podcast series, and living database within the next few month. In the meantime, if you’re a Black disabled artist, creator, freelancer, or entrepreneur (whether you’re from Illinois, other parts of the United States, or outside of the United States), and you would like to be a part of the project, click on this following link to learn how: How to Be a Part of the Black Inclusive Wall Street Project.